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Building Virtual Branches

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Virtual Branch Building



Borrower Data + The ARB + Surveys = More Loans More Often

MeridianLink and DigitalMailer have joined forces to turbocharge loan growth, invest in new customer relationships and strengthen ties to current customers. Using email, online surveys, automated voice calls and triggered responses, we're following up on every opportunity and courting every lead with passion, persistence and focus.



Secure Forms + The ARB - Paper Costs = Sales Culture

With a few, non-sensitive pieces of consumer information (name, email address, phone number), an email is sent to the consumer with information related to their needs. No brochures to carry, none to print - just the info they've requested.



Secure Forms + The ARB + Your Website = Better Follow-Through

Combine attractive collateral with secure forms and automated emails to turn interested users into buyers. The product uses three components to gather info and start the sales process.

The Chemistry Behind Great Engagement

Onboarding Campaigns


Small Data + The ARB = Educated First-Time Customers

What might new customers want to know about your business? Fill in the gaps and encourage new users to learn more. Send newcomer emails for weeks, or even months, to keep your business in the mind of the customer without being overpowering.


  • Fill in the gaps and encourage new users to learn more
  • Feature related items in your emails to increase interest
  • Keep your business in the mind of the customer without being overpowering
One-Click Campaigns

One-Click Enrollment

eStatements + Compliance + The ARB = Through-the-Roof eStatement Enrollment

With just one click, financial institutions are finding significant cost savings, while adding increased security and convenience for their customers. Send customers a simple email and enroll them in eStatements in mere seconds.


  • Compliance agreement presented via email
  • Customizeable and brand-ready
  • Increase eStatement enrollment instantly

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