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DigitalMailer has helped us reach our members faster and more effectively as well as providing a huge cost savings to the credit union. The E-blasts look very professional and are easy to read. The staff at DigitalMailer is very helpful and quick responding to requests. We are very pleased with our relationship with DigitalMailer and will continue to use them for our E-marketing efforts.

Christine Sparks, Public Relations

No matter your credit union's size, electronic communication with members is a must! DigitalMailer provides cost-effective electronic marketing and communication tools that are easy to use and produce results. Hands-on service and assistance by staff is always available.

Janet Miles
Beacon Resources Corporation (for GPOFCU)

The relationship we have with DigitalMailer is one that I would love to see our other vendors strive to duplicate. Response times are exceptional and quality of services provided is outstanding. Best move we ever made!

Dale Debs, VP of IT
Cascade Community FCU

The marketing team that I deal with on a monthly basis to complete the e-Statement notification is very competent, friendly, and easy to work with. Thank you. It makes the month end less stressful!

Maria F. Carducci, Marketing Consultant
Hartford Federal Credit Union

DigitalMailer is great! The staff is friendly and their work is fast and accurate. Others have tried to get us to switch, but no way. We are very satisfied!

Bryan Lewis, VP of Marketing
Gold Coast FCU

DigitalMailer is great to work with. Their response to issues is quick and work done is accurate. A pleasure working with the team.

Christine Somers, Marketing Specialist
Hudson River Community Credit Union

I am very happy with the ARB and the entire DigitalMailer Team. My definition of a great vendor is when I feel I am their only client. Carolyn, Traci, Jec and Kishore always complete my e-Lerts on time and accurately. I have put them under the gun several times for a "rush" e-Lert and they ALWAYS come through for me.

Susan King, Marketing

I'm impressed each time I have a request. My requests are always completed promptly and look amazing. DigitalMailer is very professional and everyone is very accommodating!

Traci Archer, Marketing Manager
Shell Federal Credit Union

DigitalMailer always provides an accurate, rapid response to our e-statement needs. Our members always have their e-statements on the first business day of the month.

Bryan Gardner, VP of Information Systems
Members Heritage FCU

DigitalMailer is a valued partner for ORNL Federal Credit Union. Responsive to our needs, quality services to our members, an oustanding relationship overall!

Melissa McMahan, VP of Remote Services
ORNL Federal Credit Union

Top-notch customer service! Very friendly to work with!

Daren Swanson, Marketing Director
Minnco Credit Union

DigitalMailer does not fail us in any way. We are satisfied with their product, professionalism and responsiveness. We count on DigitalMailer for promptness and security and since the day we went live with them, we have not been disappointed.

Chuck Nibbe, VP of Marketing
Co-op Credit Union

DigitalMailer is my favorite vendor to work with. I know I can count on them to assist me, even in an emergency, and the end results will be fantastic. Every person I work with at DigitalMailer goes above and beyond - it's simply outstanding customer service.

Casidhe Meriwether, Marketing Director
Synergy Federal Credit Union

Thanks very much for the quick turnaround on the "Accounts at a Glance" issue. We're used to going through various hoops and layers of authority with other vendors of online services, so it's great to get a quick and streamlined response and results!

Duane A. Otremba, VP of Marketing & Technology
St. Cloud Federal Credit Union

I haven't worked with an outside firm that has been more responsive, more accommodating, or more effective than DigitalMailer.

Gary Skraba, SVP
First Financial CU

DigitalMailer's ability to provide eStatement services to all of our members, whether they use online banking or not, was a key reason we chose them over other providers.

Michael Frankey, President/CEO
Standard Register FCU

We were very impressed by the quick, seamless implementation of eStatements provided through DigitalMailer.

Shay Santos, AVP, Finance and Information Technology
Dane County CU

You and your team are VERY easy to work with. You guys have uploaded a lot of art images for me to use as banners and made some small adjustments to them for us. Not to mention, you have always been ready to help me at the very last minute too!

Susan Butler, Marketing Director
Tuscaloosa Teachers CU

With the One-Click eStatement promotion, we were able to increase our eStatement penetration to 15 percent - a 25 percent increase during this promotion. Within a few short hours of sending our first email, we were pleasantly surprised to see we had already added several hundred new enrollees. It has helped to not only increase awareness of our eStatements and online services, but has also been a great way to help us cut down on some of our printing and postage costs.

Chris Terlinden
Palmetto Citizens FCU

I want to say "Thank You" to Carolyn who was able to assist me on Thursday with the final edits to the eStatement message. Carolyn was very patient and stayed late to ensure that our eStatement message was sent out that evening. I want to let the entire DigitalMailer Team know that I really appreciate everything that you do to assist us at Transportation FCU. Keep up the good work.

Lenore Odom, Assistant Marketing Manager
Transportation FCU

I trust DigitalMailer more than any other KCCU partner. They have never failed over the four/five years we have been partners.

Tonni C. Larson, President / CEO
KimCentral Credit Union

DigitalMailer was invaluable to us in the midst of our recent tropical storm. I needed a quick way to inform our members that we would be closed the following day. I sent the E-Alert information on Sunday, expecting that it wouldn't get to our members until Monday. To my great surprise, someone responded immediately to my email and the E-Alert was sent out right away. I am not aware of a company who would respond to me on a weekend. Thanks to DigitalMailer for helping make a weather crisis a little easier!

Renee Travis, Marketing Director
Keys Federal Credit Union

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your responsiveness and that of DigitalMailer. Both during this problem as well as every other time I've had a chance to work with or observe you (either via email or hearing from my staff), your responsiveness, thoroughness, professionalism and follow-through have been outstanding! It's nice to know we've got a partner who's willing to jump in and help when we need it.

Great customer service skills are very rare; we're lucky to have you working with us!

Eric Regner, Vice President of Information Technology
CitizensFirst Credit Union

You are too wonderful! Thank you and the entire DMI team for the exceptional help and support to get this out before the July 4 holiday! You are the best partner EVER!

Sharon Kozeka, Director, Communications
Northwest Financial LLC

We greatly appreciate our partnership with DigitalMailer. They've given us some great solutions over the years and they continue to provide new and innovative ways for us to do better business with our members. DigitalMailer brings value to our organization and their products have allowed us to continue to grow. I personally want to thank DigitalMailer for their flexibility in meeting our needs.

Jason Lindstrom, Chief Marketing Officer
Belvoir Federal Credit Union

I just want to say how much I appreciate ALL of you at DigitalMailer. You make my job so much easier because you are friendly to work with - you have a quick response time - you always address my questions - and I just want to say that I appreciate you. Whenever I think of all the third parties that we work with - I would rate you NUMBER ONE !

Shari Granger, Data Processing
Seven Seventeen Credit Union

Your absolute dedication to a job well done, your conscientious attention to detail, and your efficiency never fail to impress me. It is wonderful having DigitalMailer as a partner on whom I can always rely.

Sharon Kozeka Director, Communications
Northwest Financial LLC

DMI is the very best when it comes to innovative product enhancements and exceptional customer service.

Ron Mintus, Vice President & Manager of Information Technology
Seven Seventeen CU

At DOLFCU we knew that our members would prefer electronic statements if they would just try them and it saves the credit union money. We turned to DigitalMailer to send out a "STOP the paper" eLERT and results were amazing! We had a 62% increase in eStatement sign-ups in just 90 days! We also use eLERTs to let members know when an updated newsletter is ready and that generates a strong spike in "unique" hits over the next two days every time we send the announcement. Clearly DigitalMailer helps us communicate more with our members, and more effectively. Plus DigitalMailer's service and response time are fantastic. DigitalMailer makes it fast and affordable so we can concentrate on member service. I recommend them to credit unions of all sizes - communication is crucial to growth!

Joan Moran, CEO/President

You guys have taken a load off of us in the e-mail marketing area. It is nice to never have to worry about getting them out in timely manner. Being smaller, we are really dependant upon companies such as yours to keep us viable and competitive.Thank you DigitalMailer!

Ray Lancaster, President/CEO
Pyramid CU

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