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Tired of wasting your money on brochures that are out of date within a few weeks of printing? You're not alone.

DigitalMailer partnered with Filene Research Institute to create Leeflet, an easy-to-use program that sends pertinent information directly to the consumer.


How Leeflet Works

Capturing Customer Contact Information

Capturing Customer Contact Information

With a few, non-sensitive pieces of consumer information (name, email address, phone number), an email is sent to the consumer with information related to their needs. No brochures to carry, none to print – just the info they’ve requested.

Customer Receives Email

Customer Receives Email

The consumer receives the email with the information they requested. The open and click-through rates are tracked throughout process. Some financial institutions have reported open rates as high as 70%, and click-throughs as high as 25%!

Customer Takes Control

Customer Takes Control

Customers get one less piece of paper, but all the information they required. Now, they can click through to the loan application or mortgage pre-approval page and fill out their paperwork online. It’s that simple!

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