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July 22, 2014

We’re Going Back to FinovateFall!

Filed under: Banks,Credit Unions,eStrategy,Finovate,technology — 10:00 am

The news is out…we’re going back to the big dance.

My Virtual StrongBox has been selected to present at FinovateFall 2014! We’ll be debuting some awesome new features we’ve added to the product since its debut two years ago at FinovateFall 2012.

Finovate is the premier showcase for financial technology. If you’re familiar with companies and products like DashLane, MoneyDesktop and Yodlee, it might be because they were onstage at a Finovate conference.

Finovate conferences last only a few days and are conducted with terrific speed and focus. There are no long-winded presentations, no foot-dragging…every presentation gets the same amount of time (seven minutes, not one second more) and must be focused on the demonstration of the product or service in action.

Tech writers, investment firms, big banks, think-tanks and many more attend FinovateFall each year to see what’s new in the world of financial technology. They tingle with anticipation with each new presenter, waiting to see what new advancement they have to offer…and watching the clock to make sure the speaker avoids “the gong.”

Why We’re So Excited

My Virtual StrongBox began with a simple idea: “where can people save their important documents online, securely?” Traditional cloud storage solutions just weren’t safe for things like wills, deeds, birth certificates and other crucial articles. We created My Virtual StrongBox to be the online version of a safe deposit box, a service that has been around for hundreds of years in banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Even as more personal banking is done online and via mobile app, more documents are being shared electronically, like insurance policies, healthcare cards, medical histories, to name a few. It only makes sense to have a service like My Virtual StrongBox to store those electronic documents privately and to manage them in conjunction with the people customers trust most in life.

But no good technology stays the same over two full years. As users increase and people start taking advantage of the service, new needs come to light. Good ideas emerge and fall into place. The technology surrounding the product improves and the product improves along with it. My Virtual StrongBox is improving, with greater functionality and accessibility, more customization, and better features for the clients that offer it to their users. What you’ll see at this FinovateFall presentation is version 2.0 of a product that is already helping customers and clients in ten states, at fourteen different FI’s of all sizes.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Keep an eye on our My Virtual StrongBox twitter feed and our LinkedIn page for more information as it happens.


July 10, 2014

WE could’ve told you THAT!

Filed under: e-mail,email marketing,Marketing — 11:37 am

Stop the presses! People still read email! …wait, how is THAT news?

Well, the New York Times recently published an article all about email newsletters – how they’re still one of the least expensive, most practical ways of spreading news about your organization.

From the article:

Newsletters are clicking because readers have grown tired of the endless stream of information on the Internet, and having something finite and recognizable show up in your inbox can impose order on all that chaos. In fact, the comeback of email newsletters has been covered in Fast CompanyThe Atlantic and Medium, but I missed those articles because, really, who can keep up with a never-ending scroll of new developments? That’s where email newsletters, with their aggregation and summaries, come in.

They Gray Lady does a great job of defending email newsletters from all the naysayers and poo-pooers out there who question the validity of the medium. Really, though, all anyone had to do to know how well email is still working, as a way of spreading information was ask us.

In the last fourteen years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients put out email newsletters with important information their subscribers may have missed. Heck, we run several varieties of newsletter every month to our clients and contacts. In the last six months, our company newsletter is opened by roughly 20% of the subscriber list (not a bad open rate) and gets an average click-through rate around 5% (which is high). Newsletters aren’t as targeted as other campaigns but they also don’t “sell hard” the way other campaigns do. They’re there to inform.

Don’t worry, Email Newsletters…we’ll always love you.

If you’re looking to step up your email newsletter game, take a look at the ARB, our email marketing solution that comes with the best customer service around. Come learn more today!

Picture: “Newspapers B&W” by Jon S, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.

July 3, 2014

The Founding Fathers Would’ve LOVED The Internet

Filed under: Uncategorized — 10:33 am

Happy 4th of July

Tomorrow, DigitalMailer and many (if not all) of its clients across the nation will be closed in celebration of July 4th, marking the 238th year since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

How exciting it must have been 238 years ago when Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were courting the votes of the Continental Congress, desperate to get their buy-in on what had to have been the most important document any of the signers had seen in their entire lives.

Men rode horses and carriages for hundreds of miles to be present for the birth of this nation. They argued and bickered and shouted and reasoned and, eventually, brought forward a document that would declare our independence from British rule. It was a lot of work, and well worth it, but one thing we can’t help but wonder…wouldn’t the Internet have made the whole thing so much easier?

Imagine Ben Franklin putting aside the potbelly stove and bifocals and devoting his attention to coming up with the first ever smart phone. Granted, phones didn’t exist yet, but with enough elbow grease, Franklin probably could’ve made that happen, too.

[Above: Franklin Snaps a Selfie (]

 John Adams would’ve loved using social media to debate his talking points and wrangle all those votes from the rest of the Continental Congress.

[Above: John Adams should learn to use "Mark All as Read,"  fast. (]

Thomas Jefferson probably would’ve found the entire writing process much simpler if he was able to use GitHub to track changes and manage the “source”. Heck, even if he just used Basecamp, he’d have been a lot happier.

[Above: Thomas Jefferson would've insisted that Monticello have good wi-fi. (]

You would think that the Declaration would’ve worked well as an eDoc with eSign capabilities…but if all the signatures were electronic, how could John Hancock have made his mark on history?

[Above: John Hancock would've loved all the typography websites out there today. (]

Even with the brilliant advances of men like Franklin and Jefferson, the technology of 1776 lagged very far behind our modern-day conveniences. Still, this relatively small group of men were able to meet, to speak, and to work collaboratively without the aid of GoToMeeting or Skype. They hand-wrote every little detail from the first word to the last without the help of Microsoft Word. They kept careful records and preserved them for generations so that we could enjoy looking on them today. The Founding Fathers might not have had the abundance of technology we do today, but one thing’s for sure; they knew how to get things done.

We wish you all a happy, safe, fun Fourth of July. We’ll see you again on Monday!

June 20, 2014

It’s going to be a hot, hot summer…come cool off with us!

Filed under: Webinars — 1:32 pm

Why sweat out the summer? Come cool off with webinars

At 6:51 am tomorrow morning, summer officially begins. Here at DigitalMailer HQ, we’ve already had a few 90° and above days in the past week. It’s going to be a long summer, and a very hot one to boot.

We can’t send you frosty beverages or big bags of ice, but there is one way DigitalMailer can help you keep cool on these hot summer afternoons: FREE Weekly Webinars!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2pm Eastern,  you can join our friendly staff in the cool of your air conditioned office. All you have to do is sign up, dial in, and kick back as we expand your mind.

Tuesday’s webinar is all about Leeflet, the new way to send brochure details and other information to your customers and members. Want a more effective way to boost your sales culture? Tired of wasting money and energy on printed brochures? This is the session for you.

Wednesday’s webinar is for My Virtual StrongBox, the online answer to safe deposit boxes. Come learn all about the product that is making big waves in the world of document storage and personal security.

Thursday’s webinar is all about that great DigitalMailer classic – The Automatic Relationship Builder. Find out how our clients are using this much-loved email marketing system to drive success and grow business.

Best of all, they’re 100% free to join. Simply visit our webinar page to sign up today!

June 13, 2014

Hey, Friggatriskaidekaphobes – Quit Worrying!

Filed under: Marketing,web sites — 12:03 pm

Friday the 13th

A friggatriskaidekaphobe is a person who fears Friday the 13th. Yes, there’s a long latin name for every affliction you can think of. And no, there’s no reason to fear Friday the 13th. Black cats are just black cats, broken mirrors only need a dustpan, and ladders…well, no, don’t walk under ladders. That’s just basic ladder safety.

As Seneca said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” It stands to reason, then, that “good luck” is what happens when you’re well-prepared and aware of your opportunities. “Bad luck” is what happens when you’re caught without the resources and wherewithal it takes to make good things happen.

You can’t just luck into a successful marketing campaign. You have to be fully-prepped and focused on the timing and placement of your promotion.

Remember the blackout during Super Bowl XLVII? The creative team at Oreo rushed this ad above on their social media channels. People were blown away that Oreo could move so quickly and give everyone a smile in a matter of seconds. Marketers went ape over it – “how could they pull that together so quickly?” Simple: their team sprang into action with a well-written line, all the brand assets they needed and an ear to the ground. The image was shared tens of thousands of times across the web in a matter of minutes. The blackout wasn’t a “lucky break” – it was just a blackout. Oreo turned it into an opportunity to get everyone craving that creamy, dunkable cookie.

Maybe chocolate cookies are a little more appealing than financial services (okay, they’re a lot more appealing), but keeping an eye on popular culture and reacting to what you know your consumers will understand is a big part of fresh, relevant marketing. At the recent COOPThink conference, Gary Vaynerchuk encouraged the audience to “market in the year that you are in”. Forget about the year – think about the month, or even the week. Where are your customers or members at this very moment? Are they on vacation? Are they finishing up school? Are they starting their first job? Market to the moment. Use the tools at your disposal to speak to specific needs and keep moving your relationship forward.

Luck is what you make it. Face Friday the 13th without friggatriskaidekaphobia. 

June 3, 2014

What are your best subject lines?

Filed under: e-mail,email marketing,Survey,Surveys,targeted marketing — 12:48 pm

How many email campaigns have you run where the open rate and click-through rates were off the charts? Was it because of the content? The target audience? The timing? Or was it a killer subject line?

You might laugh, but subject lines can have a tremendous effect on your open rates. As we discussed in this month’s newsletter, a great subject line is one that drives results – it’s timely, it’s topical, it’s intriguing, and it gives your readers just enough of a taste of what your email has to offer to keep them wanting more.

In the past, we’ve talked about industry-specific open rates for email. In the finance industry, you’re looking at anywhere from 20-25% being the norm, 26-30% being good, and 31% and above being terrific. Did you come up with the kind of subject line that left them speechless and frantically clicking through to your website? We want to know about it!

Fill out this survey with your name, email, company, the subject line you used, the list size, the open rate and the click-through rate. We’ll examine the best ones and pull them together in a later blog post. We’re eager to hear from you!

May 23, 2014

Memory and Mission

Filed under: Special Reports — Tags: , , — 10:00 am

Chances are you’re reading this blog post as you sit at your desk on Friday morning. In your head, you’re already miles away, on a beach or in a tent at a campground somewhere. You’re making lists and doing some quick math to figure out if you have enough charcoal for the barbecue or enough ice for the cooler.

We have so many things to remember on any given day. We have to remember our passwords. We have to remember our to-do lists. We have to remember our meetings and our school pick-up times and to get groceries for dinner. Many of us have trouble remembering what needs to be done from one minute to the next. We invent apps, we buy notebooks, we tie little ribbons around our fingers.

That’s the reason that Memorial Day is so important in American culture. We rush around, trying not to forget the daily routines and the big events that need a lot of planning, but how often to we take time to remember our bygone Servicemen and Women? One day surely isn’t enough time to recount all the sacrifices they made on our behalf. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the three-day weekend that we don’t even utilize that extra time as it was intended. We must make it our mission to remember.

Like so many businesses in America, DigitalMailer will be closed this coming Monday. Our company is made up of a wide variety of people with many different backgrounds. Some of them are veterans. Some of them have spouses, children or other family members who are currently serving in the armed forces. Some of them are the children and grandchildren of those brave few who gave their lives in service for the many.

In a weekend of boat trips, first visits to the pool and time spent with family and friends,  we take the extra time given to us to honor the fallen and to be thankful for the freedom their sacrifices afforded us.

We sincerely hope you’ll do the same.

Memorial Day honors those who gave their lives for their country. However, there are many active members of the Armed Services and living Veterans that need your help at this moment. Please consider joining us in donating to the USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and to Disabled American Veterans today.

April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day! Let’s DO Something About It.

Filed under: Arbor Day,Earth Day,green,green technology — 10:24 am

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Friday is Arbor Day! We celebrate the precious blue ball we all float on and give thanks for all the wonders of nature. Or, at least, that’s what we do here at DigitalMailer.

In the last 14 years, we’ve delivered around 24 million eStatements. Each eStatement delivered represents an envelope no one had to stuff, a statement no one had to print, and a consumer that didn’t waste all that effort by shredding it the minute they opened it. If everyone in America used electronic statements and billing, we’d save roughly 17 million trees. You could build a twelve foot high wall between New York and California every single year out of the paper Americans throw away.  Isn’t that a crying shame?

So let’s do something about it. If you don’t already use electronic statements and e-bills, why not start right now? If your office doesn’t have a recycling program, why not start one? All it takes is a few bins and a keen eye for recyclable goods. Consider doing an Arbor Day promo that plants trees for each member or customer that switches to eStatements. As individuals and businesses, we can each do a few little things every day that make the world better. As a society, our little things work together to make big things happen.

There’s no better time to start than right now.

April 18, 2014

Why Stop at Dye? Six Off-the-Wall Egg Decoration Ideas

Filed under: Uncategorized — 9:16 am

by Jimmy Marks, Creative Media Director

You’ve probably already been to the store to pick up your yearly egg dye kit, some white vinegar and a stack of disposable cups. If you still need to make the voyage, or if you have a little extra time, you might take a moment to consider a few alternate methods of making your eggs stand out from the crowd.

Tattoo Eggs

Tattooed Eggs

Follow this handy how-to and learn how you can turn temporary tattoos into fun egg designs. Better still, you can keep your kids from putting the tattoos all over themselves…or you.

Glitter Spotted Eggs

Glitter Spotted Eggs

Got some glitter handy? Dab on a few light patches of glue, shake the glitter over the eggs and you have sparkly, spotty eggs! Just make sure that the glitter stays contained to a specific area or you’ll have a sparkly, spotty house.

Splatter Eggs

Splatter Eggs

The splatter method is truly a work of art. Dip a toothbrush into some acrylic paint and flick the bristles at the egg with your finger. This method is much different from the usual “splatter method for eggs,” in which you drop an entire carton of uncooked eggs on the floor and they splatter everywhere. That’s less a work of art than it is the art of cleaning.

Gilded Eggs

The Golden Egg

No goose required…simply a small vial of gold paint or a handful of metallic paint markers, both available at your nearest craft store. You can color your dyed eggs with the gold or silver metal paints and make your average-looking egg look like a Faberge!

Lava Lamp Eggs

“Lava Lamp” Eggs

Of all the cool alternatives I found to traditional, one-color eggs, these are by FAR the coolest. You take rubber cement, drizzle it over the eggs, dye them, then peel the rubber cement and drop them into another color. I’m dyeing to try this (get it? Dye-ing?).

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

It seems ironic that my favorite part of the Easter holiday is when my mom makes “Deviled” eggs. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the moment when she decides we’ve enjoyed the dyed eggs as long as we can and she cracks them open to make her delicious deviled eggs. There are thousands of recipes for deviled eggs out there. The recipe shown here is for bacon cheddar deviled eggs, a recipe I know will resonate with all our bacon-loving readers out there.

Striving For Egg-cellence 

It might seem like there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to dying eggs. Luckily, there are crafty risk-takers out there that always push the envelope and find fun new ways to spruce up our long-standing traditions. It’s a lot like email marketing (you had to know I’d work that in eventually): it might seem like the traditional ways are the only ways and there’s nothing new to try. But that’s why we’re here. We encourage all our users to take big steps forward, to make their email a priority and to make their messages into little works of art.

A new twist on something you’ve always enjoyed. That’s what egg-dying – and our Automatic Relationship Builder Plus email suite – are all about.

April 10, 2014

DigitalMailer is not impacted by Heartbleed

Filed under: security,technology — 3:18 pm

by Lenny Giambalvo, Chief Technology Officer

A few of our clients have asked about the Heartbleed/OpenSSL security issue. We at DigitalMailer would like to assure you that our systems are not impacted as we do not utilize OpenSSL. We use only Microsoft servers and they do not use open source software in their products.

As a partner in technology, we’d like to encourage you to make the time to change your passwords for other, more commonly-visited websites that were (and in some cases still are) susceptible to Heartbleed. Tech website Mashable has a table of popular websites that may have been affected and a checklist of which ones will require a new password.

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