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April 28, 2010

Ready for Arbor Day? Don’t Miss Out on your Green Check-Up

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by Ron Daly

Arbor Day is Friday, which means it’s time to talk trees.

Statements, notices, newsletters, postcards – it’s a lot of information coming from your credit union to the members. It’s also a lot of paper. Credit unions spend quite a bit of money mailing all this information and quite a few trees suffer for it. So, in preparation for Arbor Day, we’re giving you a chance to learn how green you really are.

As recently featured in the Credit Union Times, DigitalMailer is offering a “Green Check-Up” to credit unions that want to know how many trees – and how much money – they save with eStatements. Go to and enter your number of members, eStatement users, email addresses and online banking users. See how many trees and how much money you’re saving (or COULD be saving) with eStatements and online communication.

You’re wondering, “how much money could I possibly be saving with eStatements?” The answer might surprise you. Read this segment of our interview in the article “E-Statement Market Matures, Offers ‘Whale’ of a Savings” from

Ron Daly of DigitalMailer said his company has delivered more than 16 million e-statements since it started off with its first client, his former employer Northwest Federal Credit Union in Virginia, about 10 years ago.

He estimates that the nation’s credit unions with more than $50 million in assets have a total of about 12.5 million e-statement users who each generate 50 cents to 75 cents per month in savings. That added up to $75 million a year in industry savings, “and that’s a very conservative estimate,” he said.

Sure, a few sheets of paper and half a dollar in postage might seem like a small expense, but  over time it’s a significant savings. Why not get started today? Email us at for more information on how you can get started with eStatements.

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